18D exchange listing

18D Exchange Listing And First Airdrops

Primarily, the whole team would like to thank all our users for the support and let you know that we are actively listening to your feedback regarding the 18D exchange listing and airdrops. Moreover, we are not just listening but doing something about it. Therefore, we are happy to make the following official statements.

18D Exchange Listing:

The main feedback we got from the community is the wish to have 18D listed on different centralized exchanges. Yet, the majority of the biggest and most relevant trading platforms don’t list just any coin.

To attract these exchanges, it is vital to show our real numbers. The only way to achieve this is to make 18D clearly visible to the rest of the world as a community with thousands of token holders.

Therefore, to make our job easier, everyone needs to withdraw their 18D as soon as possible.

Every logged-in user can find instructions on how to withdraw to MetaMask on the “MY EARNINGS” page of his/her profile.

Remember, the earlier we are visible on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the easier it will be to get 18D listed. Besides, 18D listings aren’t the only reason why you should hurry up with the 18D withdrawal.

First Airdrops Incoming

We have another piece of great news.

The result of our partnership with The Collective Group is that 1-3 projects are actively looking to deliver Airdrops to 18D holders this year. The first one will be announced in November. Hence, 18Digits will announce all the details on the official news page and on all our social media channels.

Therefore, don’t forget to withdraw your 18D coins now to:

  1. Not miss out on the first Airdrops
  2. Help the community to achieve the goal of listing 18D on centralized exchanges

Once again, thank you for supporting the fastest-growing community in the crypto space!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy voting!

Your 18Digits Team