18digits token (18D) is the platform utility token of the social network 18digits.com. (18D Token Live Price)

Registered users receive 18digits points as reward for their activities on the platform.  

These points can now be converted into 18D (BEP-20) crypto token on Binance Smart Chain.

The 18D token works on our POSA (Proof Of Social Activities) concept. POSA is our new coin mining consensus coined by 18digits where 18D tokens are distributed only when users perform community building activities on 18digits. There is no initial supply, pre mined coins, founder wallets, or ICO which creates a fair launch where any and every one can participate and earn 18D by helping build and grow the 18digits community. 

Token Specifications:

Name:  Eighteen Digits

Symbol: 18D

Blockchain:  Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Token Contract: 0x7d9c30B7131aE9aDA3F26bdEB2206fBF08213bA5

Total Supply:  Unlimited

Initial Supply: 0 (zero)

Token Useability:

18D can be utilized for paying for services such as:

  • Posting of Events
  • Posting of Jobs
  • Purchase of Marketing Services

Additionally, 18D is accepted at:

  • Crowdfunding of 18digits company Participation Rights (non-voting equity shares)
  • Crowd Donation

How to get 18D: 

There are two ways to acquire 18D:

1) Perform activities on 18digits.com (details here)

2) Purchase 18D on secondary markets (i.e. BakerySwap)