1 BNB winner

18Digits Birthday Party 1 BNB Winner

As you may well know, today is December 23rd, which means that 18Digits celebrates its 1st birthday. Therefore, we decided to award 1BNB to one lucky 18D holder in a birthday lottery.

The snapshot of ALL addresses that hold 18D was taken exactly at midnight between December 22nd and 23rd. Every address had an equal chance to win the prize. To ensure the fairness of the draw, we used the random number generator to choose the random sequence number of the address.

As you can see in the video above, among 258 addresses, the number randomly chosen was 20, related to the wallet 0xa5ed80c26239bc05b146e5d0f92a4812acda5802.

In order to receive the prize, the luck winner needs to answer the email we sent to his registered email address.

Thank you for being a part of this great birthday celebration.

Happy voting!