18Digits Is Live

We are delighted to announce that yesterday, October 12th, 2021, 18Digits went live for the first time with the new design and functionalities!

After a lot of hard work invested by our dedicated team, we have launched the scientific analytics platform that rewards its users with crypto. As such. 18Digits is now a unique product powered by its native PoSA (Proof of Social Activity) consensus-reaching algorithm and 18D coin.

The Launch Special

To welcome all new users and rewards old ones, we decided to boost rewards.

Hence, new registrations and new referrals are currently receiving X5 normal rewards!!

The number of members eligible for extra rewards is limited, therefore, make sure to act quickly.

What’s New?

Voting for your favorite crypto is, naturally, still the pivotal point of 18Digits. However, along with the new design, we enhanced the platform with some highly useful additions.

On the landing page, all users can find the interactive table with the most voted cryptocurrencies. The list represents weekly voting results. A simple click on the coin’s name takes a user to the coin’s dedicated page. There, besides the live price chart, you can find the coin’s historical voting performance.

Naturally, we have plans to add more analytic tools. Such as voting results by region or the new votes heatmap. However, those functions will come gradually as the platform grows.

Compare Crypto To Indices And Commodities

Another function that we take special pride in is our “Crypto Compare to…” section. There, users are able to compare live prices of the top 50 cryptocurrencies with indices and commodities. At the moment, 18Digits’ Crypto Compare supports:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crude Oil
  • SP500
  • DowJones Industrial Average
  • DAX

The planned improvements of the Crypto Compare To… section are already in the pipeline. Therefore, in the near future, users can expect to have separate live charts for each index and commodity. Additionally, we are looking to improve the loading time and the visualization of the charts.

The Voting Mechanism and UX

There are many voting buttons on the website and they all lead to the same place. That place is the user’s profile page with the table that needs to contain the user’s favorite coins. Therefore, users can only submit their votes from there. Simply search for favorite cryptos, add them to the table and click on the submit button.

The Social Media

The social media aspect of 18Digits is still there. However, we refurbished it to better suit the current platform functionality. Nevertheless, we are aware that this section needs improving. Especially in SPAM removal which we will work hard towards.

The chat is still there, though. So our users are able to connect and share ideas and experiences. That is especially important for use since our community counts more than 120,000 active users. Therefore, it is always preferable for such a crowd to “mingle”.

What To Expect In The Near Future?

In the near future, all our users can expect airdrops related to 18D coin to start. We are still in the last stages of negotiations with partners that’ll make the process and coin withdrawals as flawless as possible. Hence, we can’t make any formal announcements at the moment.

Furthermore, 18D holders can expect the coin to be listed on centralized exchanges. This will be a great milestone for the project since that will lead to price consolidation and act as another marketing tool in our toolshed.

Through our partnership with The Collective, we are preparing some great new features that will definitely change the way you view airdrops (and the crypto market in general).

As you can see, many goodies are coming up. Therefore, be sure to follow us on our social media channels listed in the footer.