18Digits Rules Appendix

Platform, ecosystem, and funds security’s importance is paramount for the 18Digits development team. Therefore, in order to neutralize fraudulent and illegitimate activity, we have installed the following 18Digits rules appendix.

1) If a user’s 18D balance has increased more than 500 tokens within an hour, the withdrawal will be temporarily suspended for review. If 18Digits doesn’t find evidence of illegitimate actions, the withdrawal option will be re-enabled.

2) The maximum withdrawal amount is set at 2500 18D per day. If a user wants to withdraw more, he/she is entitled to contact our support and apply for an exception. After reviewing the circumstances, our support team may or may not grant the exceptional permit.

3) In order for a user to receive a referral reward, the referred account has to record a vote on the 18Digits platform.

The effect of the new set of rules is going to be closely monitored by the 18Digits team and might be adjusted and supplemented with new entries in accordance with possible circumstances.