announcement about withdrawals

Announcement About Withdrawals

Dear Community,
First of all, we would like to thank you for your loyalty to 18Digits. Furthermore, we would like to give you a short notification on why we have suspended Withdrawals.

As you may know, the platform had some technical issues with processing withdrawals. However, we have now resolved these issues. As a result we are about to launch a new 18Digits smart contract that will eliminate the misbalances on Coinsbit. We will allocate the exact 18D balances to all existing 18D Coin holders on BinanceSmartChain, by matching the old with the new contract.

As far as 18D holders that keep their coins on Coinsbit are concerned, we will inform them in time if they need to withdraw their 18D from the exchange or their 18D balance is going to be replaced on the back end of Coinsbit system.

Once all the steps are completed, we will inform our community through an official announcement just like this one. Rest assured we will continue to protect the 18D community even if sometimes it means temporary suspension of some functions we know you want. Therefore, we ask you for your patience while we complete the necessary work.
You can trust that we are doing everything to protect the 18Digits community.

Yours 18Digits team.

Happy voting!