BlockSwap Network

The BlockSwap Network ranked fifth on last week’s top gainers list. The token skyrocketed from its last week’s position of 2,439 to 579, gaining 1,860 spots. This article will discuss information about the BlockSwap Network project and the BSN token to understand why our voters took an interest in the token.

What is BlockSwap Network?

The BlockSwap Network is a protocol for automated stake liquidity. Through its sustainable yield farming and Proof of Stake assets, the BlockSwap protocol aims to offer fixed income products to Decentralized exchange (DeFi) users. The protocol allows anyone to create an ERC20 fungible token (SLOT) tied to a validator’s staking balance, representing the validator’s equity. SLOT is developing a DeFi corporate bond that pays users a consistent APY and accrues interest continuously through the staking inflation of a base PoS asset.

Coin information

BlockSwap Network with the ticker CBSN is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 500,000,000 CBSN in total supply, with a maximum supply of 5,000,000,000 CBSN. The BlockSwap Network’s fully diluted market capitalization is currently $30,714,380.53.

Uniswap (V2) is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange for trading BlockSwap Network tokens, with the common trading pair CBSN/WETH.

What’s special about BlockSwap Network?

Finding stable DeFi yield farms has been notoriously difficult and mostly inaccessible to the average user until now, which is why BlockSwap has developed a protocol that protects consumers from crypto asset volatility while also removing the need to engage in intricate staking processes.

BlockSwap Network is on a quest to bring regular people onto the PoS chain by providing a stable yield. The network aims to promote DeFi adoption among the general public and connect it to the rest of the world. The protocol’s primary fixed-income product is Opensaver.

Open Saver is a Universal Basic Savings account that allows anyone to earn a 7% USD income from their local currency without going through any additional crypto hoops. OpenSaver is a Fixed Income Instrument based on BlockSwap’s Automated Asset Market Maker StakeHouse, allowing Proof of Stake assets to be liquidated on ERC20.

The BlockSwap Network’s ongoing development will allow more current staking operators and PoS token holders to explore these solid DeFi yield farming prospects.

Stakehouse, BlockSwap’s groundbreaking product, has been introduced. The product takes a unique solution to practically every issue that an ETH2 staker can encounter.

Use of Stakehouse 

Stakehouse is an AMM that acts as a registry for validators and the Ethereum Deposit Contract (EDC). The registry can determine which wallet holds which ETH in the underlying validators at any time. This allows the protocol to mint 100% redeemable and accountable derivative Ether tokens (dETH) and derivative liquid validator tokens (SLOT). It is trustless; Stakehouse never keeps a user’s ETH or validator keys. Stakehouse does not collect commissions. All individuals wanting to stake a validator or obtain validator yields will benefit from the protocol. Stakehouse will offer bulk staking and validator payouts and the ability to commercialize validators.

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