Carbon Credit (CCT)

Carbon Credit (CCT) is a cryptocurrency linked to the world’s largest carbon ecosystem. The token is the 18Digits biggest gainer of the week, gaining 15,861 spots to rank 355 on the overall chart. This article will discuss information about the Carbon Credit Token (CCT) to understand why so many members of the 18Digits community voted for the coin.

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What is Carbon Credit Token?

Carbon Credit Token (CCT) was created on the Algorand Blockchain and is the official cryptocurrency of the Carbon Credit ecosystem. Algorand was chosen because it is the most environmentally friendly blockchain. It is based on a modified version of proof-of-stake (POS), which reduces electricity consumption to near zero. The CC Token is a standard asset in Algorand. The Tokens were all minted at the start of the project and will be distributed according to a predetermined scheme.

Token overview

The Carbon Credit Token currently has a price of $0.491226 with a fully diluted market capitalization of $294,039,912.57 and a total supply of 600,000,000 CCT. CC Token has an All-Time High price of $0.498273, recorded during the week, and an All-Time Low of $0.138617 from two months ago.

European Union Allowance (EUA) Futures, the world’s most traded carbon credits, are collateral for CC Tokens. CC Token acquires EUA Futures and releases an equal number of CC Tokens with an asking price reflecting the acquisition price in regulated rather than voluntary carbon markets. Through these mechanisms, 1 CCT represents about 1 Kilogram of Carbon Emission.

Where can Carbon Credit be traded?

If you’re wondering where to buy Carbon Credit at the moment, the top cryptocurrency exchange for trading Carbon Credit stock is currently BitMart, with the CCT/USDT trading pair.

How does the Carbon Credit (CCT) ecosystem work?

The CCT ecosystem works with the help of a DAO structure. The DAO participants will be the managers and owners of the entire CC network. Initially, the founding team will be in charge of making decisions. Early investors, community leaders, and asset owners will gradually be involved. CC token owners will ultimately decide the direction of travel for the whole ecosystem.

CC Token is making it easier than ever for ordinary people to offset their carbon emissions by reinventing how customers access carbon markets.

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