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Crypto Trend – New 18Digits Feature

We are proud to announce that 18Digits has implemented another analytical feature on the platform – Crypto Trend. This fresh element makes it possible for thousands of our users to see which 10 cryptocurrencies gained or lost the most places in our weekly voting.

Both the biggest winners and losers table is updated on a weekly basis, at the same time as the top 18 voting ranking. Additionally, right below the two tables, our community can see all the latest Crypto Trend Weekly videos presenting the voting results in a fashionable manner. That way, on the 18Digits platform, everything regarding the market sentiment trend can be found in a single place, ready for users’ consideration.

Check out the new feature by clicking the button below.

Naturally, this is not the last improvement to the platform we are looking to integrate into the 1st version of 18Digits. To remain in the loop, continue reading our News section and follow our official social media channels.

For more details visit the 18Digits website.

Happy voting!