DogeYield (DOGY)

Decentralized Yield Farming platform, DogeYield has its token ranked fourth on this week’s biggest gainers list. The ERC- 20 token rose 6,617 spots from its previous week’s position of 7,281 to rank number 664 on the 18Digits chart. This article will discuss the DogeYield Yield Farming project and the DogeYield (token) to understand why our voting community took an interest in the token. 

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What is DogeYield (DOGY)?

Launched on the 12th of January, 2021. DogeYield is a Yield Farming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain with Dogecoin rewards and staking programs. Users can make use of the platform to earn Dogecoin by holding DOGY tokens or other tokens like BitcoYield (BTY), LitecoYield (LTY), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC). The protocol allows users to control their assets to join DogeYield staking programs without making deposits or requiring lots of fees.

DogeYield Products

  • Holding: Users who hold DOGY would be rewarded with Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Staking: Users can earn tokens like Bitcoin and Litecoin daily by increasing liquidity to get pool tokens on Uniswap and SushiSwap
  • BitcoYield: BitcoYield offers Bitcoin rewards to all users without demanding deposits.
  • LitecoYield: LitecoYield provides Litecoin rewards to its users without requiring any deposits.

DogeYield token (DOGY)

DogeYield token (DOGY) is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It serves as the native token for the Decentralized Yield Farming protocol, DogeYield. The most actual price for one DogeYield token (DOGY) is $0.00000596, with a market capitalization worth $5,608.84. There are 940 million DOGY coins in circulation, with a total supply of 1 billion. On the 12th of April, 2021, DogeYield reached an all-time high of $0.015081987323 (Price index from the 4th of June,2022, according to Coingecko). If you want to buy or sell DogeYield, the most active exchanges are Uniswap (v2) with the trading pair of DOGY/WETH and FinexBox with the DOGY/BTC trading pair.

What makes DogeYield unique?

What makes DogeYield different from other Yield Farming protocols is the staking program. The platform doesn’t spend users’ Liquidity provider tokens (LP). There is no need to deposit, stake, unstake, and no lock period. The LP belongs to the user with 100% control. You do not have to pay a lot of fees using the DogeYield Yield Farming protocol.

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