Important Update to 18Digits Community

In order to keep everyone informed, we would like to share the following update with you.

What Happened?

Due to a technical issue a malicious user was able to generate around 1 Billion 18D Coins.

What were the effects? 

This incident led to several irritations, total supply, and illegal balances on Coinsbit exchange, which required immediate action and a change of procedure from our side.

How did we handle the situation? 

  • We disabled withdrawals on 18Digits
  • We asked Coinsbit to disable Deposits of 18D
  • We asked Coinsbit to disable trading of 18D

What changes were made in response?

New 18D token contract
In order to protect the community and the integrity of the 18Digits platform, we redeployed a new 18D coin smart contract with a ratio of 20 Million Old 18D to 1 New 18D coin. Additionally, platform enhancements were introduced. 

Clarification of 18D Coin vs 18Digits reward points 

18Digits rewards points are what you earn on the 18Digits platform when you vote and refer new members. These points enable you to do two things: 

1. Earn to claim Airdrops:
Every airdrop needs to be earned through your activities. The 18Digits reward points required are specific for each airdrop and will be deducted from your 18Digits reward points balance when you claim the airdrop.

2. Claim 18D coins:
18D coins are what you receive in your BSC wallet and these are transferable and tradable on the blockchain.   

Easier procedure to qualify for Airdrops

You no longer need 18D coins on the blockchain to qualify for Airdrops! You only need 18Digits reward points on your 18Digits account! Airdrops will now be based on 18Digits reward points balances on the 18Digits platform. You can use these to directly claim against our Airdrops.

All members who have previously withdrawn 18D coins to their blockchain wallet are immediately qualified for our Premium Membership. 

What is a Premium Membership?

To become a premium member you simply have to claim 250 18D coins once per calendar year to your BSC wallet.

What are the benefits of the Premium Membership?


New minimum and maximum 18D coin claim limits
2,500 18D coin max. daily and 250 min.18D coin in general.

New 18Digits Reward points allocations for activity 

Rewards Points
Sign Up50
Voting hourly5
Voting hourly (Premium Member)10
Referral per User1


I have 18Digits reward points in my account

No Impact – No Action required

I have old 18D coins in my Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet

If you currently have old 18D coins on your BSC wallet, we have credited your rewards points balance on your 18Digits account equivalent to your BSC wallet balance, plus an additional 1,000 18Digits reward points per withdrawal you have previously made. 

I have old 18D coins on Coinsbit exchange?

In order to prevent this malicious user from receiving new 18D coins, we decided to suspend deposits and trading while we introduce a new 18D coin smart contract.

Please send an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of your old 18D coin balance on Coinsbit, plus your 18Digits account email address. We will credit your account with 18Digits reward points in the amount of 18Digits coins that you have on Coinsbit.