The Collective Partnership

Partnership: The Collective & 18Digits

We are delighted to officially announce that 18Digits  and The Collective Group have joined forces to add value to all stakeholders in the crypto space. The partnership with The Collective is mutually highly beneficial on several levels. Our collaboration will bring both entities a much deeper pool of users and clients. Furthermore, it will add to a much greater recognizability level of both partners in the crypto market.

Adding Value to the Whole Crypto Community 

Regarding the new partnership, Bertram Seitz, CEO of 18Digits stated:

“Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is only possible through partnerships that add value to all stakeholders and give benefits to the whole community”  . 

The CEO of The Collective Group, Hein Esterhuizen also shared an enthusiastic and highly optimistic angle regarding the now official collaboration:

The Collective Group focus is to build a win-win partnerships by cross promoting the services to both communities and networks which makes 1+1=4 or even more.”

This partnership will unite, grow, and strengthen multiple communities in the crypto space to give birth to a real cryptocurrency powerhouse.

The Collective Group 

A community-centered organization focused on returning power to the hands of the people. Through multiple blockchain-based initiatives, The Collective is helping companies in all different phases of their life cycle realize their goals. Through their vast community development expertise, the company brings extra value to their clients in exchange for their native assets. 


18Digits is the first community voting platform in the crypto space and a budding leader in trend information based on scientific data analytics. Furthermore, 18Digits introduces its native PoSA (Proof-of-Social-Activity) algorithm. It is a unique consensus-reaching mechanism that rewards members for their contribution and participating activities with 18D Tokens (18D).