RadioShack (RADIO) Tunes Its Way to Fourth On Biggest Gainers’ List

In 2021, Tech retail chain RadioShack announced its entry into the cryptocurrency market to bridge the gap between mainstream blockchain functions and cryptocurrencies. This week, the RADIO token ranks fourth on the biggest gainers’ list, moving up 9,772 positions to 7,677 on the 18Digits overall chart. We will be analyzing the RadioShack project and the RADIO token to understand why our voting community supported the token to the top.

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What is RadioShack (RADIO)?

When compared to most cryptocurrencies, Radioshack has a unique background, which may make its name sound strange for a cryptocurrency. RadioShack was an electronics store when it first opened its doors in the United States in 1921. However, as internet retailers began to rule the industry, the business finally struggled to stay up and declared bankruptcy in 2015. However, in 2021 it was revealed that Radioshack had been resurrected as a cryptocurrency platform, bringing about a fresh start.

The RadioShack cryptocurrency platform went public in April 2022 after being announced in 2021. The RADIO token is intended to support the funding of a platform with a multi-tier starfish topology that runs on the Polygon blockchain. According to the whitepaper, this links cryptocurrencies with RADIO, the native currency of the RadioShack system, on a de facto decentralized exchange, ensuring deeper liquidity pools.

RADIO Token Information

At the commencement of trade on April 28, when RADIO officially began trading, it was valued $0.03955. This price continues to be an all-time high. RADIO currently has a price of $0.01028, with a market capitalization of $27,137,185.14 and a circulating supply of 2,639,583,471 RADIO. (Price index from June 26, 2022, according to CoinMarketCap)

If you want to trade RadioShack, the top crypto exchanges available for trading are MEXC, RadioShack (BSC), RadioShack (Avalanche), and RadioShack (Polygon).

Aim of RadioShack (RADIO)

As a first step, RadioShack is addressing the disorganized and chaotic liquidity addition on current AMMs. By drastically reducing the diameter of the graph of swappable tokens and increasing liquidity per pair, RadioShack hopes to find a solution to this issue. This will be accomplished by coupling a single large-degree node (the RADIO node) with all swappable pairs to form what is known as The Starfish Topology.

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